It is the Client's responsibility to keep abreast of any changes to any policy or terms of service agreements. For more detailed information on our terms and policies please click here.

These policies are subject to change by DesignHosting.Biz without notice. Continued usage of the Services after a change to these policies by DesignHosting.Biz OR after a new policy is implemented and posted on the DesignHosting.Biz website constitutes your acceptance of such change or policy.


Hosting Invoices will be emailed to you, the client, 15 days before the 1st day of your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing cycle. Payments including Online Banking Bill Pay and Check payments are due on or before the First (1st) day of your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing month cycle.

You, the client, have a 5 day grace period from the due date which is the first day of each month of your billing cycle to pay hosting fees in full. After the 5th day from the due date if payment is not received, the site will be suspended and late penalties will be charged in the amount of $25. Payment must be in full for the total amount of arrears plus the late fee of $25 to have the site reinstated. If, at the end of 30 days, the hosting payment is not received the website in question will be terminated and all files will be removed from our servers.

If, after 30 days, the website is terminated; you, the client, are responsible for having all data backed up including, but not limited to, file page, graphics, & databases to the website. DesignHosting.Biz will not be liable for any lost data.

It is your responsibility as a Client to keep your current email address on file as your invoices are sent via the email you signed up with on the order form. If your email address changes please send an email to:

Payment Options


Please setup recurring payments according to your hosting option and send payments to:

Melinda L. Odom
1605 Dechard Street
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956


If paying by check/money order for your new server, the check/money order must be received in our office before the hosting account will be setup.

Please make payable and address your checks to:
Melinda L. Odom
1605 Dechard Street
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956


Client should follow these instructions when cancelling services:

  • send an email to cancel services
  • ask for a dns change or change your dns at the registry

Understand that all server cancellations are terminated on the day the cancellation is registered, an email is received, or a request in dns change is asked for. There are no refunds if you are on monthly hosting and cancel during this time, quarterly hosting and cancel during this time, semi-annual hosting and cancel during this time, or annual hosting and cancel during this time.

Hosting fees are subject to change.

Web Design/eCommerce Services

Client understands that the performance of DesignHosting.Biz is dependent upon timely submittal of information necessary for DesignHosting.Biz to perform contracted work. Client shall provide DesignHosting.Biz with information, including but not limited to: written content & photos within 15 days of contract execution. Client shall not provide any information that is copyrighted or trademarked in which Client does not hold the copyright or trademark to and/or does not have written permission to use. Client shall provide DesignHosting.Biz with such written permission upon request. In the event that Client does not provide the required information within the time specified herein, DesignHosting.Biz may terminate this Agreement with ten (10) days written notice to the Client.

Payment for web design is as follows:

  1. 50% web development due before web development begins plus the hosting setup & web hosting fees
  2. 50% web development balance due upon site completion plus any additional hours

Payment for Ecommerce Setup

  1. 50% ecommerce development due before ecommerce development begins plus the hosting setup & web hosting fees
  2. 50% ecommerce development balance due upon ecommerce completion plus any additional hours

After the web design service is completed and no payment is received within 10 days of the invoice or after the customer cancels the service during development with a balance owing, the site will be suspended and there will be a $25 per month charge for non-payment until the matter is settled in court.

At the termination of this contract, any information, website, or domains that Client has provided or purchased from DesignHosting.Biz will be released to Client if Client does not have a balance of monies due on the account. As soon as payment is secured for any monies due, all materials of said Client shall be released and files sent to said Client.

Bandwidth / Space Overage Upgrades

Customers will be notified of possible overages so they can upgrade as recommended.

Please be aware that monies for server upgrades must be in our office before the upgrade will take place. If monies are not received for bandwidth overage after notification your site will be suspended until paid.

Any server suspensions for bandwidth or space overage will be reinstated immediately upon receipt of upgrade monies or past balances in our office.

I want to thank you for the privilege to serve you in web design, web hosting & ecommerce. Please let me know of any suggestions to improve our service to you!

If you have any questions please feel free to email:

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