SSL Certificates

"Live" 128/256 bit encryption SSL Certificates designed for securing intranets, extranets and websites are a great way to let your customers know you are providing them with secure transactions over the Internet. Secure your eCommerce web site with strong industry-standard 128/256 bit encryption with trusted digital SSL certificate authentication and encryption.

You need SSL if ...

Secure Sockets Layer (ssl) technology secures your Web site by encrypting information and providing authentication of a business. Without SSL encryption, packets of information travel networks in full view. Imagine sending mail through the postal system in a clear envelope. Anyone with access to it can see the data. If it looks valuable, they might take it or change it. Like a passport or a driver’s license, a SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted authority.

A SSL certificate available with a Trust Logo will have a "live realtime" ssl certificate. The address information will be available for the Internet to view so make sure the address details are the ones you want the general public to view.

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